Andreas Zinggl, Bass Clarinet

Andreas Zinggl

Andreas Zinggl

First clarinet lesssons with Josef Hofer and Helmut Pichlbauer. 2001 begin of preparatory clarinet studies at the University of Art Graz / branch Oberschützen with Univ. Prof. Gerhard Schönfeldinger and assistant Peter Forcher, since 2003 with Univ. Prof. Wolfgang Klinser.

After final exams at the Musikgymnasium Oberschützen: Begin of studies majoring in clarinet with Univ. Prof. Wolfgang Klinser at the University of Art Graz / branch Oberschützen in Oktober 2006.

First experience with symphonic orchestra music with EUphonia – middle european youth orchestra with concerts in Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia, Sinfonia Vienna with concerts in China and as substitute at the Chamber Orchestra Vienna and the Carinthian Symphony Orchestra.

Teacher at the musical school Birkfeld and Pöllau-Vorau-Joglland.


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